4 Business Indicators You’re Ready to Outsource Your Fulfillment

Making the decision to outsource your fulfillment services can be difficult to determine for any small business owner and entrepreneur.  Understanding the details of fulfillment alternatives, as well as the hidden costs of performing your own order processing, will allow you to gain the knowledge to make the best decision for your business, now and in the future.

Here are indicators that outsourcing your fulfillment could be the more cost effective alternative, while freeing your time to concentrate on your core business and keeping your customers happy.

If your product inventory is stored in your home, an off-site storage unit or a shared or mini-warehouse facility – The majority of shipping companies (i.e.| DHL, FedEx, UPS) charge higher rates for residential customers shipping products from their homes. These additional add on-rates for residential customers can sometimes exceed $3.00 per shipment! Consequently, using a storage facility or mini warehouse can also put the squeeze on your bottom line with high monthly rental rates and the inconvenience of driving back and forth when you need to pack and ship an item to a customer. Once you begin adding up each component, not to mention your time, profit margins begin to diminish rapidly.

Could your business handle a dramatic increase in orders today? – If you don’t have a plan in place to rapidly scale your business, you might miss huge opportunities to get your products to the masses. If your product is suddenly featured on a major “latest and greatest list” or Oprah comes calling, having a fulfillment service partner that understands how to quickly fulfill large order quantities is truly essential for your business.

Can you easily determine your inventory levels and do you know what products are selling and which ones aren’t?- Having your products regularly inventoried with the ability to easily see inventory levels online versus, counting boxes or creating manual spreadsheets, will give you greater insight into your business and how you can improve cash flow. Your product inventory is your company’s cash yet to be realized. Slow moving products can be offered via a sales promotion while fast moving products can be introduced into new markets. Having the ability to easily access the data and make these crucial business decisions, will enable you to serve more customers and grow your business.

If you’re unable to process orders in less than 24 hours upon receipt. Ecommerce customers have grown accustomed to receiving their purchases within 3 days or less. If you’re unable to quickly process orders to deliver within this new standard turn-time, it is a sure indicator that you need a fulfillment partner who can.

Are you ready to outsource? Contact us today to learn about IBS’s “right fit” fulfillment services that are tailored to each of our customers.


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