Affordable Warehouse and Fulfillment Services for Your Start-Up Business

Yes, you can afford to hire a warehouse and fulfillment service provider; honestly you can’t afford not to. If you’re a start-up or a small business, you need a partner to support and guide your company through the numerous issues you will face when growing your business to ensure you don’t make costly mistakes. Hiring an experienced warehousing and fulfillment service expert, like IBS, is more affordable than you think when you keep these essential points in mind. All while saving you time, money, and effort.

Lowers Operating Costs– Having a fulfillment center partner will allow you to keep your office virtual with no need to lease office space or storage space for your merchandise, allowing you to keep your operating costs low. Additionally, there’s no need to hire employees to unpack inventory, monitor stock levels, then fulfill and ship orders – it’s all done for you.

Concentrate on Your Core Business- You’re not in the fulfillment and shipping business. So why spend a third or more of your time working on these functions, when you should be working on growing your business and taking it to the next level. A fulfillment center will handle all of these tasks at a fraction of the cost of the most valuable asset you possess, your time.

Accurate and Easy Inventory Management – Instead wasting time by digging through boxes and unorganized shelves, you’ll be able to easily check your inventory levels online anytime, day or night to know what’s selling and what’s not. This informative data, will allow you to adjust your marketing strategy to improve sells on all items, thus increasing your business profits.

No Minimums Required– Most start-ups are reluctant to hire a warehouse and fulfillment company because of the belief they will have an order minimum each month. Be sure you’re working with a company that doesn’t require minimum orders to ensure you have enough time to truly ramp up your sales and grow your business.

With Almost 20 years of experience, Innovative Business Services (IBS) Your Business Fulfillment Experts has been driven by our strong values of integrity, customer service and commitment to our clients. Our services were born out of the desire to serve the needs of clients that were deemed too small or complicated for other warehousing and fulfillment companies. We never require order minimums and understand the seasonality that some businesses experience.  We work with each of our clients to ensure we’re responsive and understand our clients’ goals and objectives. We’ve had the privilege of serving clients such as Verizon, Gruppo Campari, The Austin Ad Group, Club Corp, Maya Road, and many others. IBS has proven tailored solutions to fit your business, no matter the size. Contact us today for a free assessment or quote for your business.

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