Direct Health Nutrition

Direct Health Nutrition Case Study

Direct Health Nutrition is a provider of natural supplements and health products to consumers for over 20 years.

The owner was asked by their fulfillment company to find another company to fulfill their orders due to what they considered low monthly volume. Abandoned by their former fulfillment company, Direct Health Nutrition immediately started interviewing new companies. After a series of interviews, they hired IBS as the best choice for their needs.

IBS listened to Direct Health Nutrition’s specific requirements and developed a tailored fulfillment program that allowed for fluctuations in order quantities and reorganized their inventory for efficiency.

IBS’s solutions for Direct Heath Nutrition included efficient management of their inventory as their previous fulfillment company had not correctly rotated their products to ensure that older products were shipped first. IBS then quickly relocated Direct Health Nutrition’s products to their warehouse and the inventory was entered into IBS’s online system and seamlessly started shipping orders out immediately to Direct Health Nutrition’s customers, minimizing downtime.

Within a few weeks the owner of Direct Heath Nutrition was very thankful that the previous fulfillment provider had asked them to move. In fact, a few months later the previous fulfillment company contacted the owner of Direct Health Nutrition to see if they wanted to return, to which they answered “No thank you, we are very happy with the quality and standard of service IBS delivers.”

The owner of Direct Health Nutrition subsequently sold the business to new owners who have remained with IBS and are also very pleased with our services.

Key Benefits

  • Seamless transition from previous fulfillment company
  • Developed a tailored plan that fit the customer
  • Properly organized and rotated inventory
  • Made business more efficient

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